Summer School — Call for Participants

Waim/Sap Summer School– Call for Participant

Recommended Hostel for Summer School Participants — Hac Sa Youth Hostel

Hac Sa Youth Hostel is recommended for the Summer School Participants. It is a youth hostel located near Hac Sac beach in Coloane, Macau. The hostel price and the nature environment nearby is good for young students. The following map shows the location of Ha Sac Youth Hostel and University of Macau.

Shuttle Service
We will provide shuttle service for those summer school participants who have enrolled the Hac Sa Youth Hostel as their accommodation. A one way shuttle service will be available for picking up from border gate to Hac Sa Youth Hostel on the arrival date.

Further, we will provide shuttle service during the conference period. The daily shuttle service will be available twice every day. Once in the morning (Hac Sa Hostel -> UM) and once in the evening (from UM to Hac Sa Youth hostel).

The details of the shuttle service will be available in the conference venue.