GCDRS 2014

9:00am-12:30pm, June 16, 2014
Session chair
: Professor Weiyi Meng
Venue: Senate room (T302)

This summit is to provide a platform for leading database researchers from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau to discuss challenges and opportunities in Big Data research and applications.
The main summit activities consist of a panel on “Challenges and Opportunities in Big Data Research and Applications” and group discussions.
The summit participation is by invitation only. Participants from each of the four regions are invited to attend this summit by the organizing committee members from that region. GCDRS 2014 will co-locate with WAIM 2014.
The summit participants will cover their own travel and hotel expenses. The registration fee is US$200 (including free WAIM 2014 registration). WAIM 2014 website has additional information regarding accommodation: http://www.cis.umac.mo/waim2014/accommodation.
This summit is jointly organized by CCF Technique Committee on Database (CCF TCDB) and WAIM Steering Committee.

Organizing committee:

Lizhu Zhou, Xiaofeng Meng: on behalf of CCF TCDB, Mainland coordinators
Ming-Syan Chen, Arbee Chen: Taiwan coordinators
Kam-Fai Wong, Qing Li: Hong Kong coordinators
Zhiguo Gong: Macau coordinator
Weiyi Meng (Chair), Lei Chen: on behalf of WAIM SC