accepted Papers

Research Track:

On The Marriage of SPARQL and Keywords    Peng Peng (Peking University) Lei Zou* ("Peking University, China")* Dongyan Zhao ()

An Online Inference Algorithm for Labeled Latent Dirichlet Allocation    Qiang Zhou* (BIT)* Heyan Huang (Beijing Institute of Technology) Xianling Mao (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Efficient Buffer Management for PCM-Enhanced Hybrid Memory Architecture    Kaimeng Chen (USTC) Peiquan Jin* (USTC)* Lihua Yue (USTC)

Efficient Location-dependent Skyline Queries in Wireless Broadcast Environments    Yingyuan Xiao* (Tianjin University of Tech.)* Pengqiang Ai (Tianjin University of Technology) Hongya Wang (Donghua University) Ching-Hsien Hsu (Chung Hua University) Wenxiang Cui (Tianjin University of Technology)

Distance and Friendship: A Distance-based Model for Link Prediction in Social Networks    Yang Zhang* (University of Luxembourg)* Jun Pang (University of Luxembourg)

Multi-Label Emotion Tagging for Online News by Supervised Topic Model    Ying Zhang* (Nankai University)* Lili Su (Nankai University) Zhifan Yang (Nankai University) Xue Zhao (Nankai University) Xiaojie Yuan (Nankai University)

Distinguishing Specific and Daily topics    Tao Ge (Peking University) Wenzhe Pei (Peking University) Baobao Chang (Peking University) Zhifang Sui* (Peking University)*

Matching Reviews to Object Based on 2-Stage CRF    Yongxin Zhang* (Shandong Normal University)* Qingzhong Li (Shandong University) Dequan Wang (School of Computer Science and Technology, Shandong University) Yanhui Ding (School of Information Science and Engineering, Shandong Normal University) Congli Liu (Department of Information Technology, QILU Bank) Zhongmin Yan (ShanDong University)

Discovering Restricted Regular Expressions with Interleaving    Peng Feifei* (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences)* Chen Haiming (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Efficient Algorithms for Distance-based Representative Skyline Computation in 2D Space    Taotao Cai (Shenzhen University, China) Rong-Hua Li* (Shenzhen University, China)* Jeffrey Yu Xu () Rui Mao (Shenzhen University, China) Yadi Cai (Shenzhen University, China)

Trustworthy Collaborative Filtering through Downweighting Noise and Redundancy    Qiuxiang Dong* (Peking University)* Zhi Guan (Peking University) Zhong Chen (Peking University)

A Co-Ranking Framework to Select Optimal Seed Set for Influence Maximization in Heterogeneous Network    Yashen Wang* (Beijing Institute of Technolog)* Heyan Huang (Beijing Institute of Technology) Chong Feng (Beijing Institute of Technology) Xianxiang Yang (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Hashtag Sense Induction Based on Co-Occurrence Graphs    Mengmeng Wang* (WASEDA University)* Mizuho Iwaihara ("Waseda University, Japan")

Hybrid-LSH for Spatio-Textual Similarity Queries    Mingdong Zhu* (Northeastern University, China)* Derong Shen (Northeastern university, China) Ling Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) ge Yu (Northeastern university, China)

Sleep Quality Evaluation of Active Microblog Users    Kai Wu* (Shandong University)* Jun Ma (Shandong University) Zhumin Chen (Shandong University) Pengjie Ren (Shandong University)

An Ensemble Matchers based Rank Aggregation Method for Taxonomy Matching    Hailun Lin* (ICT, CAS)* Yuanzhuo Wang (ICT, CAS) Yantao Jia (ICT, CAS) Jinhua Xiong (ICT, CAS) Peng Zhang () Xueqi Cheng (ICT, CAS)

Distributed XML Twig Query Processing using MapReduce    Xin Bi* (Northeastern University)* Guoren Wang (Northeastern University) Xiangguo Zhao (Northeastern University) Zhen Zhang (Northeastern University) Shuang Chen (Northeastern University)

Sentiment Word Identification with Sentiment Contextual Factors    Jiguang Liang* (IIE, CAS)* Xiaofei Zhou (IIE, CAS) Yue Hu (IIE, CAS) Li Guo (IIE, CAS) Shuo Bai (IIE, CAS)

Large-Scale Graph Classification based on Evolutionary Computation with MapReduce    Zhanghui Wang* (Northeastern University)* Yuhai Zhao (Northeastern University) Guoren Wang (Northeastern University) Yurong Cheng (Northeastern University)

Multiple Attribute Aware Personalized Ranking    Weiyu Guo* (University of Chinese Academy )* shu Wu () liang Wang (Center for Research on Intelligent Perception and Computing, National Laboratory) Tieniu Tan (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Knowledge Base Completion Using Matrix Factorization    Wenqiang He (Peking University) yansong Feng* (Peking University)* Lei Zou ("Peking University, China") Dongyan Zhao ()

MATAR: Keywords Enhanced Multi-Label Learning for Tag Recommendation    Licheng Li* (Nanjing University)* yuan Yao (Nanjing University) Feng Xu (Nanjing University) Jian Lu (Nanjing University)

Reverse Direction-based Surrounder Queries    Xi Guo* (USTB,China)* Yoshiharu Ishikawa ("Nagoya University, Japan") Aziguli Wulamu () Yonghong Xie (USTB)

Learning to Hash for Recommendation with Tensor Data    Qiyue Yin* (Institute of Automation, CAS)* shu Wu (Institute of Automation, CAS) liang Wang (Center for Research on Intelligent Perception and Computing, National Laboratory)

Spare Part Demand Prediction based on Context-aware Matrix Factorization    Jianwei Ding* (THU)* Yingbo Liu (THU) Yuan Cao (THU) Li Zhang (THU) Jianmin Wang (THU)

Early Outbreak Detection in Social Networks    Chuan Zhou* (IIE, CAS)*

Location Sensitive Friend Recommendation in Social Network    Xueqin Sui* (Shandong University)* Zhumin Chen (Shandong University) Jun Ma (Shandong University)

A Compression-Based Filtering Mechanism in Content-Based Publish/Subscribe System    Qin Liu (Tongji University) Yiwen Zheng* (Tongji University)* Kaile Wang (Tongji University)

Sentiment Classification for Chinese Product Reviews Based on Semantic Relevance of Phrase    Heng Chen (Huazhong Uni. of Sci. & Tech.) Hai Jin* (Huazhong Uni. of Sci. & Tech.)* Pingpeng Yuan (Huazhong Uni. of Sci. & Tech.) Lei Zhu (Huazhong Uni. of Sci. & Tech.) Hang Zhu (Huazhong Uni. of Sci. & Tech.)

Overlapping Schema Summarization based on Multi-label Propagation    Man Yu* (NanKai University)* Chao Wang (Nankai University) Xiangrui Cai (Nankai University) Yanlong Wen (Nankai University) Ying Zhang (Nankai University) Xiaojie Yuan (Nankai University)

Analysis of Subjective City Happiness Index Based on Large Scale Microblog Data    Kai Wu* (Shandong University)* Jun Ma (Shandong University) Zhumin Chen (Shandong University) Pengjie Ren (Shandong University)

Tree-Based Metric Learning for Distance Computation in Data Mining    Ming Yan* (Harbin Institute of Technology)* Zhang Yan () Hongzhi Wang ("Harbin Institue of Technology, China")

GSCS - Graph Stream Classification with Side Information    Amit Mandal (University of Dhaka) Mehedi Hasan (University of Dhaka) Anna Fariha* (University of Dhaka)* Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed (University of Strasbourg)

A Supervised Parameter Estimation Method of LDA    Zhenyan Liu* (Bit)*

Learning Similarity Functions for Urban Events Detection by Mining Hotline Phone Records    Pengjie Ren* (Shandong University)* Peng Liu () Zhumin Chen (Shandong University) Jun Ma (Shandong University) Xiaomeng Song (Shandong University)

Answering Spatial Approximate Keyword Queries on Disks    Jinbao Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology) Donghua Yang* (Harbin Institute of Technology)* Yuhong Wei (ZTE Co. Ltd) Hong Gao (Harbin Institute of Technology) Jianzhong Li (Harbin Insitute of Technology) Ye Yuan (Harbin Insitute of Technology)

Hashing Multi-Instance Data from Bag and Instance Level    Yao Yang (Shandong university) Xin-Shun Xu* (shandong university)* Xiaolin Wang (Shandong university) Shanqing Guo (Shandong university) Lizhen Cui (Shandong university)

A Multi-news Timeline Summarization Algorithm Based on Aging Theory    Jie Chen (Beijing Institute of Technolog) Zhendong Niu* (BIT)* Hongping Fu (BIT)

Extended Strategies for Document Clustering with Word Co-occurrences    Yang Wei* (Nankai University)* Jinmao Wei (Nankai University) Zhenglu Yang (Nankai University)

A Lightweight Evaluation Framework for Table Layouts in MapReduce Based Query Systems    Feng Zhu* (Institute of Software, CAS)* Jie Liu (Institute of Software, CAS) Lijie Xu (Institute of Software, CAS) Dan Ye (Institute of Software, CAS) Jun Wei (Institute of Software, CAS) Tao Huang (Institute of Software, CAS)

An Extended Graph-based Label Propagation Method for Readability Assessment    Zhiwei Jiang (Nanjing University) Gang Sun (Nanjing University) Qing Gu* (Nanjing University)* Lixia Yu () Daoxu Chen (Nanjing University)

Simple is Beautiful: An Online Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Solution with Higher Accuracy    Feng Zhang* (China University of Geoscience)* Ti Gong () Victor Lee (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, John Carroll University) Gansen Zhao (School of Computer Science, South China Normal University) Guangzhi Qu (Department of Engineering and Computer Science, Oakland University)

Random-based Algorithm for Efficient Entity Matching    Pingfu Chao* (East China Normal University)* Zhu Gao (East China Normal University) Yuming Li (East China Normal University) Junhua Fang (East China Normal University) Rong Zhang (East China Normal University, China) Aoying Zhou (East China Normal University)

A New Similarity Measure Between Semantic Trajectories based on Road Networks    Xia Wu* (Wuhan University)* Zhu Yuanyuan (Wuhan University) Xiong Shengchao (Wuhan University) Peng Yuwei (Wuhan University) Peng Zhiyong (Wuhan university)

Effective Citation Recommendation by Unbiased Reference Priority Recognition    Lu Wenyang (NJU) Yang YuBin* (nanjing university)* Mao XiaoJiao (nanjing university) Zhu QiHai (nanjing university)

UserGreedy : Exploiting the Activation Set to Solve Influence Maximization Problem    Wenxin Liang* (Dalian University of Tech.)* Chengguang Shen (Dalian University of Tech.) Xianchao Zhang (Dalian University of Tech.)

AILabel: A Fast Interval Labeling Approach for Reachability Query on Very Large Graphs    Feng Shuo* (Northeastern University)* Derong Shen (Northeastern university, China)

Graph-based Hybrid Recommendation Using Random Walk and Topic Modeling    Yang-Hui Yan* (Tsinghua University)* Hai-Tao Zheng (Tsinghua University) Ying-Min Zhou (Tsinghua university)

RDQS: A Relevant and Diverse Query Suggestion Generation Framework    Yichi Zhang (Tsinghua University) Hai-Tao Zheng* (Tsinghua University)*

Minimizing the cost to win competition in social network    Ziyan Liu* (Shandong university)* Xiaguang Hong (Shandong university) Zhaohui Peng (Shandong university) Zhiyong Chen (Shandong University) Weibo Wang (Shandong University) Tianhang Song (Shandong university)

Ad Dissemination Game in Ephemeral Networks        Lihua YIN (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Yunchuan GUO* (Chinese Academy of Sciences)* Yanwei SUN (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Junyan QIAN (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Thanos Vasilakos ()

User Generated Content Oriented Chinese Taxonomy Construction    Jinyang Li* (East China Normal University)* Chengyu Wang (East China Normal University) Xiaofeng He (East China Normal University) Rong Zhang (East China Normal University, China) Ming Gao ()

Mining Weighted Frequent Itemsets with the Recency Constraint    Jerry Chun-Wei Lin* (Harbin Institute of Technology)* Wensheng Gan (Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School) Philippe Fournier-Viger (University of Moncton) Tzung-Pei Hong (

Boosting Explicit Semantic Analysis by Clustering Paragraph Vectors of Wikipedia Articles    Hai-Tao Zheng (Tsinghua University) Wenzhen Wu* (Tsinghua University)*

Research on Semantic Disambiguation in Treebank    Lin Miao* (BISTU)*

PDMA: A Probabilistic Framework for Diversifying Recommendation Lists    Yang-Hui Yan* (Tsinghua University)* Hai-Tao Zheng (Tsinghua University) Ying-Min Zhou (Tsinghua university)

User Behavioral Context-Aware Service Recommendation for Personalized Mashups in Pervasive Environments    Wei He* (Shandong University)* Guozhen Ren () Lizhen Cui (Shandong University) Hui Li (Shandong University)

On Coherent Indented Tree Visualization of RDF Graphs    Qingxia Liu (Nanjing University) Gong Cheng (Nanjing University) Yuzhong Qu* (Nanjing University)*

Online Feature Selection based on Passive-Aggressive Algorithm with Retaining Features    Hai-Tao Zheng* (Tsinghua University)* Haiyang Zhang (Tsinghua University)

Online Personalized Recommendation Based on Streaming Implicit User Feedback    Zhisheng Wang* (Sun Yat-sen University)* Qi Li (Sun Yat-sen University) Ye Liu (Sun Yat-sen University) Wei Liu (SYSU) Jian Yin (Sun Yat-sen University)

An Self-Learning Rule-based Approach for Sci-tech Compound Phrase Entity Recognition    Tingwen Liu* (IIE, CAS)* Yang Zhang (IIE, CAS) Yang Yan (IIE, CAS) Jinqiao Shi (IIE, CAS) Li Guo (IIE, CAS)

Batch Mode Active Learning For Geographical Image Classification    Bo Du* (School of Computer, Wuhan Univresity)* Zengmao Wang () Wenbin Hu (Wuhan University) Lefei Zhang () Liangpei Zhang () Dacheng Tao (University of Technology, Sydney)

A Multi-view Retweeting Behaviors Prediction in Social Networks    Bo Jiang* (Chinese Academy of Sciences)* Ying Sha (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Lihong Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Probabilistic Frequent Pattern Mining by PUH-Mine    Wenzhu Tong (U Manitoba, Wuhan U, & UIUC) Carson Leung* (U Manitoba)* Dacheng Liu (U Manitoba, Wuhan U, & CMU) Jialiang Yu (U Manitoba) Fan Jiang (U Manitoba)

A Secure and Efficient Framework for Privacy Preserving Social Recommendation    Shushu Liu* (Soochow University,China)* An Liu (Soochow University) Zhixu Li (Soochow university) Lei Zhao (Soochow University) guanfeng Liu (Soochow University, China) Pengpeng Zhao (Soochow University) Jiajie Xu (Soochow University)

DistDL: A Distributed Deep Learning Service Schema with GPU Accelerating    Jianzong Wang* (Guangdong University of Technology)* Lianglun Cheng (Guangdong University of Technology)

A Semi-Supervised Solution for Cold Start Issue on Recommender Systems    zhifeng hao (Guangdong University of Technology) Yingchao Cheng* (Guangdong University of Techno)* ruichu cai (Guangdong University of Technology) Wen Wen (Guangdong Univ. of Tech.) Lijuan Wang ()

Industrial Track:

Hybrid Cloud Deployment of an ERP-based Student Administration System     Simon K.S. Cheung* (Open University of Hong Kong)*

A Benchmark Evaluation of Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure    Yong Chen* (China telecom)* Xuanzhong Xie (China Telecom) Jiayin Wu (China Telecom)

A Fast Data Ingestion and Indexing Scheme for Real-time Log Analytics    Haoqiong Bian* (Renmin University of China)* Yueguo Chen ("Renmin University, China") Xiongpai Qin (Remin University of China) Xiaoyong Du ()

Demonstration Track:

A Fair Data Market System with Data Quality Evaluation and Repairing Recommendation    Ding Xiaoou* (HIT)* Hongzhi Wang ("Harbin Institue of Technology, China") Zhang Dan () Jianzhong Li (Harbin Insitute of Technology) Hong Gao (Harbin Institute of Technology)

HouseIn: A Housing Rental Platform with Non-Redundant Information Integrated from Multiple Sources    Jian Zhou (Soochow University) Zhixu Li* (Soochow university)* Qiang Yang (Soochow University) Jun Jiang (Soochow University) An Liu (Soochow University) guanfeng Liu (Soochow University, China) Lei Zhao (Soochow University) Jia Zhu (South China Normal University)

ONCAPS: An Ontology-based Car Purchase Guiding System    Jianfeng Du* (GDUFS)* Jun Zhao (Lancaster University) Jiayi Cheng (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies) Qingchao Su (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies) Jiacheng Liang (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

A Multiple Trust Paths Selection Tool in Contextual Online Social Networks    Linlin Ma (Soochow University) guanfeng Liu* (Soochow University, China)* Guohao Sun (Soochow University) Lei Li () Zhixu Li (Soochow university) An Liu (Soochow University) Lei Zhao (Soochow University)

EPEMS: An Entity Matching System For E-Commerce Products    Lei Gao (Soochow University) Pengpeng Zhao* ()* Victor S. Sheng (Computer Science Department, University of Central Arkansas, Conway, USA) Zhixu Li (Soochow university) An Liu (Soochow University) Jian Wu () Zhiming Cui ()

PPS-POI-Rec: A Privacy Preserving Social Point-of-Interest Recommender System    Xiao Liu () An Liu* (Soochow University)* guanfeng Liu (Soochow University, China) Zhixu Li (Soochow university) Jiajie Xu () Pengpeng Zhao () Lei Zhao (Soochow University)

Incorporating Contextual Information into a Mobile Advertisement Recommender System    Ke Zhu (Tianjin university of technolo) Yingyuan Xiao* (Tianjin University of Tech.)* Pengqiang Ai (Tianjin University of Technology) Hongya Wang (Donghua University) Ching-Hsien Hsu (Chung Hua University)